Photo Credit: Jessica Cavender

I am curious about the process of coming into embodiments: an emotional state of the body as it finds an abstract form, the process of code-switching my queerness, or the effect of a cultural narrative on my material body. I create dance works exploring emotional arcs into and out of these forms. Dance serves as a tool and a metaphor for the practices we as humans undertake to fit our bodies into the roles and systems society has cast us into. I ask how these in turn affect how we experience our bodies and how our bodies speak back. Inspired by performance and queer studies, as well as my own journey of a lifetime studying dance and “coming out” as queer later in life.  I investigate the ways the performativity of various identities seep into our material bodies, as well as how I feel about that. I do not seek to create narrative, but I bring the stories and practices that have shaped me into the studio. I embrace non-linear weaving narratives as they arise from my movement practice through improvisational scores and choreographed movements.